At the closure of Festival de Cannes Princess Angelique Monét announces the launch of 'Nothing On Television TV' (N.O.T. TV)

(Cannes, France May 22, 2011) On July 4, 2011, Greta Joanne Entertainment, wholly owned by HRH Princess Angelique Monét, Duchess of Aquitaine, will be debuting it's new On-Demand TV channel Nothing on Television TV (N.O.T. TV) to 20 Million plus households subscribed to the Dish Network. Multi-media talent Princess Angelique Monét is President and Founder of Greta Joanne Entertainment (film and television production), AM Releasings (theatrical release and distribution division), the Hamptons Black International Film Festival (HBIFF) and Nothing On Television TV (On-Demand through Dish Network). N.O.T. TV associates are brokering expansion contracts with Comcast, Uverse, Verizon Fios and EchoStar to make the channel available outside the Dish Network subscriber base, to increase the channel's audience and availability.

Nothing On Television TV will showcase entertaining and thought provoking content, some of which is non-traditional programming that has no specific outlet through existing media, but is none-the-less quality entertainment.  Partnerships with various US film and television content providers have been formed to create a successful channel launch.  In addition to domestic providers, various International Film Comissions will gain US television distribution through the N.O.T. TV platform.  Greta Joanne Entertainment has already produced original content which will be premiered on the channel, with reality shows, music videos and magazine shows leading the TV programming slate.  The film division of the channel will range from multi-genre short and feature films to compelling documentaries with meaningful messages.  There will also be a luxury division which covers prestigious high end events through out the world, some of which will be broadcast live streamed directly to the channel's online website for viewing as it happens. The 64th annual Festival de Cannes is the first luxury event to be covered by Nothing On Television TV. Viewers will see red carpet screenings, press conferences with the stars, villa parties, and luxury events which take place during the prestigious festival. 

Thanks to Greta Joanne Entertainment's multi-division platform, pioneered by Princess Angelique Monét, select films will have the opportunity to be theatrical released through the companies theatrical distribution division, AM Releasings. This is a rare combination of industry elements which have been married together to make it possible for filmmakers to have a real outlet for their art, which has previously been extremely difficult to accomplish without the backing of Hollywood or a substantial financial outlay. 

"Nothing on Television, is the opposite of present day television programming. Time and time again when viewers are searching for something to watch, various channels run the same programming, even when you change the channel. N.O.T. TV is more than just a channel, it's an opportunity for individuals to engage and enjoy programming which you would not normally see. The channel will showcase diverse content that provides a variety of programming for all types of consumers.  With our strategic partnerships domestic, and international, I am confident our launch will be successful. New programming and content is already in development to be released as on N.O.T. TV as it is completed. This channel will also provide a platform for independent content producers to gain rewarding distribution, and the viewers can enjoy original programming, it's win win both ways," said Princess Angelique Monét.

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